Horsehead Nebula
Horsehead Nebula
Horsehead Nebula
Horsehead Nebula

Horsehead Nebula


A series of works by artist Ruth Irvine, based on images of space taken by the Hubble telescope. Painted outdoors to allow for the elements to play their part in moving the paints and therefore creating unique textures and effects.

This works is part of the collection 'Space surrounds' investigating and exploring the beauty of colour in the vastness of space.


Framed works (approx 95x105cm)

Oil on canvas, signed and ready to hang No prints or copies of works are ever made. All works are produced on locally sourced materials with minimal carbon footprint.
A note from the artist can be added to the reverse of the artworks to personalise this piece.
A similar works can be commissioned to your specific requirements at no extra cost. Just email us

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