The Artists

North55gallery is an artist-led, Celtic family collaborative over two generations and with 45 years experience in the world of art. We have been present in Falmouth since 2014 since moving to Cornwall to raise our young family.

All art works are produced by ourselves in our studio by the sea in Cornwall. As a family we have strong environmental and humanitarian links and values, which is often reflected within the nature based narrative of our works.

'the job of any artist is to always deepen the mystery'

Francis Bacon


Jack Hayes


Jack Hayes takes direct inspiration from the land and seascapes of Cornwall where he lives and paints. Working in oils, his current series of abstract works explores and exploits the beauty of colour. 

Jack has become renowned for his high impact works and is popular with both commercial and private collectors, having established clients throughout the UK, USA and Europe.

Jacks work is on permanent exhibition at north55gallery Falmouth and regularly has a ‘featured collection’ with Saatchi Art, London. He has recently been named as 'an emerging British abstract artist' by Saatchi Galleries London, resulting in his work often being in high demand and increasing in value.

'To me abstract art is the conceptual personalisation of light, form and colour..which challenges the viewer to construct their own reality'


Inga Irvine


Inga Irvine is an experienced abstract artist specialising in oil on canvas. Based in Cornwall, though originally from the north coast of Ireland, since a young age her work has been exhibited though out the UK. Her works are currently on permanent exhibition in north55gallery as well as on Artfinder and Saatchi Art, London.

Inga uses memory, emotion and observation, mostly of the geophysical to create unique abstract works that invite the viewer into the sublime. She has 
established a wide collector and client base all over the world, from New York, to Australia. 

Inga's works are very much inspired by nature and the sea in particular .but she also has developed a series of works based on the 'unseen' fifth element of thought and mindfulness.


Ruth Irvine

'The natural world is the source of my inspiration, merging natural and rational with notions of beauty and transcendental.'

Ruths works have been exhibited and purchased globally, including one gifted to Her Majesty the Queen in 2000. Ruth has painted and been involved with art for over 40 years, which has seen her works develop and receive much acclaim. Ruth specialises in both oils and watercolours.